Drink This Juice To Eliminate 3 Kilos Of Stuck Poop In 1 Hour

Senna tea with plums and raisins.

Senna tea with plums and raisins is a powerful natural laxative for those suffering from constipation.

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Constrained bowel is a disease characterized by changes in intestinal transport, which can cause difficulty in retaining or evacuating feces, which may be related to the following reasons:

• Cramps
• Swelling
• Abdominal discomfort

The most common causes of constipation are often low fiber diets, low fluid intake, lack of exercise and excessive consumption of animal protein and processed foods.

When the urge to have a bowel movement is not satisfied, normal bowel function is also impaired.
Because constipation is just a symptom, not the disease itself, the goal of treatment is to correct the cause of the disease.
Most people benefit from dietary and lifestyle changes.

Basically, the first method is to consume more fiber (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc.), laxative foods (such as papaya and plums), bran powder mixed with food or diluted in water. In fiber supplements in the form of juices and cookies.

The second is to drink plenty of fluids (if there are no medical contraindications, about two liters a day, because people with heart or kidney failure may not be able to tolerate this amount of fluids).

Practicing physical activity is another essential measure for good bowel function.

Senna tea with plums and raisins.
Senna tea with plums and raisins.

Tip for those with constipation:

Blend in a blender until it becomes a smooth cream.


1 glass of warm water
1 tablespoon dried senna leaves
10 dehydrated pitted plums
2 tablespoons black raisins

Drink on an empty stomach once a day, drink plenty of water throughout the day. This mixture will make your intestines work naturally without cramps.

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