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In reality, you attract more of what you most appreciate!!
It is true that if you are constantly focusing on the negative you are attracting negative things into your life and when you understand this and learn to work with it then you can manifest whatever you want in your life and I will teach you how to do that. This is life changing, the law of attraction says I will attract what I want into my life. Manifestation is a little different as it says I will attract what I am. Both of those things are really true in the sense that you are attracting what you are into your life. You are attracting what you are giving.

The second step is to believe that it is already yours. You have to have unshakable faith. The universe will begin to rearrange itself to make this happen for you.
You have to let go of the how. It doesn’t matter the way, it doesn’t matter how things will happen. It doesn’t matter when it will happen. What matters is that it will happen. You have to know that I’m going to have this thing. Detach yourself from time, everything can be immediate if you feel the reality of your desire in the present moment. The present moment is the only thing that matters. And if you believe now that you have it, then you will. I promise the law of attraction always works as long as you don’t second guess the process and really practice what I’m saying here. With practice, you will taste the results.
Replace it with a feeling of unshakable faith. The last step is to receive it and start feeling awesome about it. Feel the way you’re gonna feel. The future is the present.
Embody those emotions. It is important to feel good and happy during this process because you are putting yourself on the frequency of what you want. You have to feel it. You have to experience the emotions like you have this thing now. There can be happiness, joy, excitement, whatever it is, whatever arises.

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