Manifest Your Dreams: A Consciousness-Based Approach to Levels of Manifestation

Manifest Your Dreams: A Consciousness-Based Approach to Levels of Manifestation

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The location of human consciousness is an age-old mystery. But a new scientific theory hints at where it is. For Professor Johnjoe McFadden, from the University of Surrey, in England, he believes that consciousness is in the electromagnetic energy generated by electrical impulses that occur between neurons.

What is Brain Consciousness?
According to his model, consciousness is not something that emerges from the brain. Instead, it creates connections within the brain. In other words, our consciousness is, in essence, the brain’s ability to model the surrounding world and to utilize available and relevant information to ensure survival.

The development of Personal Consciousness – the 7 levels of human consciousness
• Physical Survival.
• Relationship Awareness.
• Self-Esteem Awareness.
• Transformation Consciousness.
• Awareness of Internal Cohesion.
• Making the difference.
• Service.

The path that leads you to the enlightenment of consciousness consists of three stages:
• Earth consciousness or mind level.
• Awakening from the present or level of presence.
• Deep release.
How to Awaken Consciousness
1. Meditation. This tip is essential, both for people who are starting to enter the spiritual process, and for those who are in this quest.
2. Physical activities. …
3. Gratitude. …
4. Holistic Therapies. …
5. Seek Knowledge. …
6. Self-knowledge. …
7. Be a protagonist. …
8. Courses and workshops.

Consciousness is a state of awareness of yourself and the world around you.

Substitute awareness for knowledge and self for existence itself, and the result is a definition that captures some essential aspects of consciousness as I see it: consciousness is a state of mind in which there is knowledge of one’s own existence and the existence of the surrounding world.

Consciousness is a state of mind – if there is no mind, there is no consciousness; consciousness is a specific mental state, enriched by a sensation of the specific organism, in which the mind operates; and the state of mind includes the knowledge that situates that existence: the knowledge that there are objects and events around.


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