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In this sense, the quantity called frequency works in partnership with the quantity period, and both refer to the rotation of objects that are performing a movement in a curve or to the generation of some type of wave.

More in depth, frequency is the number of turns that an object can perform, in a circular motion, during a given time, or the number of waves that can be produced for a few seconds, minutes or hours.
How do hertz frequencies work?

Hertz (Hz) is a unit of frequency measurement that indicates “cycle per second”. This word was chosen in this measurement system to honor Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, a physicist who was responsible for exploring electromagnetic radiation in depth.

So, if an object – or a wave – can only rotate once in a second, that movement will be measured as 1 Hz, since Hz equals cycles per second. However, as most measurements follow the r.p.m. standard, translated as “revolutions per minute”, it would be necessary to multiply this value by 60, since 1 minute equals 60 seconds. In this case, the measurement would be 1 Hz, which is equal to 60 r.p.m.

Each frequency will bring different effects, such as increasing concentration, providing tranquility or stimulating the practice of physical exercises. They can be used for meditation, for the practice of Yoga, when studying or for carrying out any other activity to which some music can be added.

It is important that you listen to the frequencies using headphones, so that your experience is immersive and is not influenced by external factors. So you can enjoy the sound with more quality and more efficiently.
Hertz frequencies that exist and the benefits of listening to them
If you want to incorporate Hz frequencies into your daily life, but you haven’t found what you were looking for in the previous topics, see what other frequencies can bring benefits to your life!

1) 396 Hz: with it it is possible to free oneself from fear and guilt, causing suffering to be reinterpreted and transformed into joy;
2) 417 Hz: if you’ve gone through traumatic experiences and need a change in your life, this is the frequency that will help you face this process;
3) 639 Hz: to develop your ability to communicate, to tolerate your neighbor and to love, you must choose this frequency to listen to.
4) 741 Hz: with the aim of developing self-expression and a stable life, you can bet on this frequency to remove toxins from your body.
888 HZ – Hertz Of Abundance , Attract Wealth , Money , Prosperity To Your Life .
It is important to reinforce that a prosperous person is not necessarily rich, after all, the energy of abundance manifests itself in all areas of life. To be prosperous is to be successful and to feel accomplished and satisfied in all areas and aspects of life; it is integrating all that you are and expanding fulfillment, joy and satisfaction.

Some tips:]
– Expansion of consciousness;
– Cleaning mental trash (Limiting beliefs);
– Increased reflection capacity;
– Improvement of memory;
– Elevates self-confidence and self-esteem;
– Improving communication, relationships and the ability to resolve conflicts.
– Set priorities. Have very clear and defined goals and objectives.
– Meet new people and review old friends. Create groups for networking.
– Turn difficulties into opportunities. …
– Cherish your image.

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