Learn to use the power of the mind to achieve your dreams

Learn to use the power of the mind to achieve your dreams

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The chances of conquering something grow with the use of full mentalization.
The way you see reality can directly impact on its development. This happens thanks to the great power of the mind, capable of attracting or repelling certain energies.

When you mentalize a dream reality, you propagate vibrations that correspond to your desire and, therefore, increase the chances of conquering it, since that energy returns to your life according to what you designed.

How to use mind power
With this technique you can empty your mind to focus on yourself. The goal is to transform the way you think, feel and act, through mind-body connection activities.
That way, you create the reality you want to conquer – whether in your personal, financial or professional life -, develop your intuition, identify and solve the blockages that prevent success and learn to have unconscious creativity.

How to apply in routine?
Through meditation, you can envision the reality you want while working with destructive thoughts, which are like obstacles in the way.
Leaving the comfort zone generates restlessness – getting in touch with your inner self and facing your failures and problems head on can cause fear. So it’s easier to live with open wounds, just ignoring them, than to work internally to close them. However, this attitude only impedes their own development, thus reflecting on the reality of their lives.

Thoughts like “my problems are bigger than me”, “I can’t do it”, “it’s too much sand for my truck” or “better not to try so as not to fail” are the result of the blocks that are inserted in you and that you have full power to change.

To bring more light to these issues, increase the chances of achievement and put an end to this vision of the impossible, learn types of mindsets that will bring more well-being and fulfillment to your life.
mentalize what you want
Instead of asking your family, friends or spouse what you need to do, start questioning yourself about what is good for you – believe me, your creative unconscious has all the answers to your questions!
You don’t need the opinion of others to solve a problem; the solution is within you. To find it, close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position. Keep your attention on your breath to enter a state of relaxation.

mentalize your day
So, imagine how you can achieve this reality, with what tools and how to use what you already have at hand. Do this exercise every day, during your meditation or breaks at work.

Open your eyes, get up and take the first step to make your day better. The mentalization of reality is a powerful weapon that integrates the generative process. Different areas of life can benefit from these techniques, so try to create a routine of positive visualizations.

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