From Scarcity to Prosperity: Nurturing a Wealth Mindset

From Scarcity to Prosperity: Nurturing a Wealth Mindset

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However, not everyone achieves true economic wealth or Financial Freedom.

Even though many people say that they really want abundance, those who want wealth are unconsciously rejecting it all the time, and this is mainly because we have a mindset that prevents us from thinking of money as a good thing.

Although money is material, having it is a matter of attitude, mindset and outlook on life. If you don’t have money to spare, it’s because of how you act in your life, if you do too. It all depends on your mindset.
Money is a tool. It doesn’t have to be the root of all evil, it doesn’t have to be what takes us away from happiness, love or freedom.
Now, ignorance concerning money is the root of all evil.

money doesn’t end
Have you ever wondered where the money goes? It is impossible to run out of money, new money is printed from time to time, there are more than 46 trillion dollars of money in the world.
It’s not badly distributed, simply because if you don’t have money it’s because:
1. You don’t know how to attract him into your life
2. You didn’t know how to keep it with you
So a good way to start acquiring a Wealth Mentality is to stop listening and believing these phrases about money that the only thing they generate is hatred of money, it is so bad. And stop thinking that it’s poorly distributed, simply because now you don’t have it. Do you think the rich think money is unevenly distributed? Of course not, so you’re probably making a mistake.

Your mindset about money
While mindset isn’t all it takes to make money, it is perhaps the most important part of achieving wealth.
If you think that money deprives you of freedom, takes away love from others and does not allow you to experience happiness, what do you think will happen when you want to achieve it?

Two things can happen if you currently have this way of thinking:
1. That you spend a lot of time trying to get money, but apparently it’s impossible for you
2. That you get it easily (or not), but finally it comes back and leaves faster than it came.

Think about it, if you really believe that money takes you away from happiness, you will unconsciously do everything possible to run away from it, whatever it is, you will have to be happy in life, and if money takes you away (according to you) from happiness Happiness, you will run away from money.

Now, if you met a truly wealthy person, you might be in for a surprise. While it is quite true that today there are people who have made money thanks to their illegal behavior, their shady businesses and robbing other people and passing over many; this is not the rule. Coincidentally, it is the exception.

When you analyze the behavior of the rich, and I’m talking about the real rich, not those who got rich robbing or running over someone, you realize that these people are more generous than anyone else. Many are philanthropists and have foundations for poor or sick children, many have dedicated much of the wealth they have accumulated to giving it entirely to people in need.

Focus on attracting abundance, if you still deny money, and start reading books that will allow you to change that mindset. Money is not dirty or dirty, money is simply money, a tool that will allow you to do bad things and good things. But it depends on you.


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