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Goal definition. Every achievement begins with the establishment
of your main objective and the creation of specific plans to achieve it.

Mastermind. This process allows you to reap all the benefits
experience, training, education, specialized knowledge and influence of others.

Applied faith. Transform faith into action whereby soul power can translate your goals, desires, plans and goals into reality.

Make the extra effort. Rewards multiply when you provide more and better service than you are paid to provide.

Pleasant personality. Develop the mental, spiritual, and physical traits that will help bring out the best in you and lead you to success.

Personal initiative. Taking action is the principle that is needed to lead in any sphere of life.

Positive mental attitude. The right attitude creates a path to success and the means by which this philosophy can be implemented.

Self-discipline. Emotions must be managed in order to balance head and heart to achieve coordination between reason and emotion.

Enthusiasm. This dynamo of all individual achievement helps to develop self-confidence and overcome negative thoughts, worries and fears.

Controlled concentration/attention. Organize the mind. Focus on success. Coordinate and control the powers of the mind. Use the powerful autosuggestion tool.

Precise thinking. Gather facts, weigh their relative importance, use your own judgment and look deeply into an issue in order to make the right decision based on thought versus opinion or emotion.

Adversity and defeat. Understand and overcome the causes of failure, turning the inevitable obstacles, failures and opposition into benefit.

Cooperation. Coordinate your efforts with others and work together to achieve a common goal. Use teamwork and tact to your advantage in your personal and business endeavors.

Creative vision or imagination. Let the powerful workshop in your mind reveal the ways to express the brain’s purpose and the soul’s ideals.

Strong health. Physical well-being is essential to cultivating the energy, vitality, attitudes and habits for a truly healthy, happy and successful life.

Budget time and money. Do as much as possible with your physical resources.

The Law of Cosmic Habit Force. Understand and apply the dynamics and power of the controlling force and natural laws that govern the universe (including human relationships).

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