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It is related to the proper functioning of the organism, its general conditions and the occurrence of diseases. A person with good balance of physical health is one who is not sick and whose metabolism works properly. Genetics, habits, environment and working conditions are also related to it.
Taking care of our body and mind linked to healthy habits help longevity, and nothing better than living a peaceful and healthy life.

Small attitudes lead to change
Health can be cultivated by replacing bad habits with good ones. Walking, for example, is a simple activity that, in addition to exercising the body, fights bad cholesterol, stimulates cardiorespiratory capacity, stimulates blood circulation and controls diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Even without exercising, it never hurts to drink water; each day, we lose 237 ml of water by exhaling, and 1.4L by urinating. We constantly need to replenish fluid in our body to lubricate joints and eliminate waste, reducing the burden on the liver and kidneys. But man does not live on water alone, and a balanced diet proves that the phrase “we are what we eat” is true.
Having a quality of sleep also influences health. During sleep, our body performs vital functions such as energy conservation, tissue restoration, strengthening the immune system, among many other activities.

Poorly slept nights impair all these actions and this is noticed during the day, such as a lower disposition for activities, symptoms of malaise, psychological consequences, etc. Therefore, it is worth preserving a good nights sleep for your well-being.

The search for healthy habits
Healthy meals are usually accompanied by fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and the body appreciates the amount of fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamins ingested.

Replacing soft drinks with natural juices is another attitude that is highly beneficial to health. Caffeine, a substance present in coffee and some soft drinks, acts on the central nervous system, exerting a stimulating effect on humans.
Its frequent consumption can cause moderate dependence and its sudden interruption leads to headaches, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting. When you are drowsy, the most recommended thing is to avoid the consumption of such substances and simply rest.

Sleep deprivation causes impairments in cognitive performance and, in the long term, premature aging. Therefore, for good physical health, it is crucial to analyze our own habits and verify that our bodily needs are being met.

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