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How are you dealing with this moment of intense changes? Are you managing to observe the effect of the crisis on your emotional state and avoid being overwhelmed by general negativity?

By that, I mean that your habitual thoughts exert a huge influence on how you make decisions and how you act in your day-to-day life. So the thought “I don’t have enough” comes automatically and can take over your internal dialogue. This becomes a habit, a mental programming that shapes your reality.

The current situation certainly challenges our balance and patience a lot, and it has been challenging for me too. However, understanding that there is a restriction on the distribution of resources is different from buying the idea that we live in a world of scarcity, where everything is lacking.
Scarcity is the big lie that has been told for centuries and that keeps people in fear, struggle and competition. The fear of missing out is a worldwide phenomenon that affects rich and poor alike and that intensifies at times when there is greater restriction on the circulation of resources, as now.

In any case, at times like this that our country is going through, the thought “we don’t have enough” spreads like a plague and the tendency is to withdraw due to fear. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful with impulsive attitudes and avoid getting involved in discussions, which only bring more problems.

To get out of this, I see it as important to be clear that we face a problem of resource distribution, and this is different from believing that we live in a world of scarcity or that “we are scarce”, after all, the cause of this restriction is human and political, being far from to be a natural condition.
How important is it? We make decisions based on what we believe is possible and the way you believe, so you will decide, and so it will be!
All people want an abundant life and to transform our current reality we need, first of all, to adapt, be flexible and regain confidence to make choices based on an intention of growth. This is the first step in reprogramming our mind and tuning into the frequency of abundance. Yessss…abundance is a frequency and we’ll talk more about that.

Some habits that will help you to be abundant.
– Declaring and praying are necessary steps, but only action can actually produce results. It’s not enough to dream, you have to act!
– In this ministry you will be encouraged to work to generate wealth in abundance through entrepreneurship. Statistics show that entrepreneurship reduces systemic poverty.
– Do not settle for poverty and scarcity because the Lord has already given us the power to generate riches.
– Stay tuned and don’t give in to procrastination, because the enemy tries to paralyze us, keep us in the comfort zone and in poverty. Be diligent, we were created for abundance.
– Recognize the power of your thoughts.
– Surround yourself with people with an abundance mindset.
– Create win-win situations.
– Incorporate gratitude into your daily life.
– Recognize opportunities around you.

Explore how a strong mindset can shape the path to success, resilience and lasting happiness.

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