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Use the Universal Law of Thought to build a prosperous and abundant life. We are our Mind!

When you decide, the Universe also decides! Use the Incredible Power of Thought and transform your life.


Thought is a powerful force; it has always been the most powerful force capable of accomplishing anything.

The dominant mood or state of mind is made up of various mental attitudes that the individual adopts – things, events and life in general.

However, the reality is that we have been trained to believe that we have to change what is happening out there. “We have to fix this and fix that…” we have literally been programmed to live through our senses – what we hear, see, smell, taste and touch. There was little teaching in his other mental faculties: perception, will, imagination, memory, reason, intuition…
There are many other mental faculties.

And it works like this: everything happens first within you; you don’t have to worry about changing what’s going on outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s the development of your bank account or the health of your body that you are pursuing. But we need to change and take on the power of thought.
Truly understand that nothing in your life changes until you change; but if you change, EVERYTHING CHANGES!

It is very powerful to carry this around as an empowering belief:
Do this exercise, repeat the phrase below 3X aloud:

It’s hard to believe, but a thought can travel 930,000 times faster than the sound of our voice; no other force or power in the universe is as powerful or as fast! It is scientifically proven that the mind is an electric battery, the largest of all known elements. Thought is like a computer memory processor, and when you concentrate it runs fast. There are laws to think, and we have to tell you something we’ve learned over the years: the thoughts you think and bring into your emotional mind instantly are governed by law and control your body’s vibrational pattern. Your body is a mass of magnetic energy; it truly is!

If you could hear it, it would be like a fun orchestra… yes, but our body is one of the most magnificent instruments in the universe, and you inhabit it. And the way you think will even dictate what the blood will do! We know that our actions produce our results. If we want to change our results, we have to change our actions. And the actions taken change temporarily; but believe me, the thoughts you think over and over again are held in your subconscious mind, and those thoughts will determine what happens in your life. There is no doubt about it!

Now play with this for a moment: We hear a lot about positive and negative attitudes, or positive and negative thinking. Well, some think we must deal with two forces; that is, to attract good we must end evil, to always attract good we must end evil. But that is not true

Prosperity and poverty are not two things; they are just two sides of one thing, the same. They are but a power, rightly or misused. We can’t think about abundance and then worry about unfavorable conditions that may seem apparent, you know?

It’s impossible for you to create Wealth thinking about Poverty, and all wealth ever created first had to exist in someone’s mind. Wealth is a state of mind; when you really create a Wealth Mindset, your life will change fast!

We need to create patterns of thoughts, eliminating the garbage of scarce thoughts and reframing your mind for Wealth.

You really think, you think a lot, no doubt about it.
Self-control implies learning to control your thoughts. If you want to change the results in your life, you must believe this; give your mind the right thoughts, take it seriously, you will change your outside, as a reflection of what happens inside you!!

We hope this video helps you really get the results you want in your life.

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